Let us show you how you can optimize the results produced by your contact center. And if you need help executing, we’ve got you covered.

Talent and Performance Management

Talent acquisition, development, and retention have become even more challenging over recent years; especially with the optionality that exists for today’s contact center employee. Competing for and retaining the best talent requires more than top wages. Today’s employee is seeking convenience, which may include working from home and flexible schedules. They also want a career path, recognition, engagement, and an opportunity to participate in developing the business and themselves. Inflight consultants have created contact center environments that enabled personal and professional growth. Listening to your customers and employees is an imperative for any well-run business…as is data to inform where opportunities for personal development exist. The best run contact centers view people as their most important asset. Look to Inflight to partner with you to plan a talent management strategy that when executed will culminate with your business becoming the employer of choice.

Tools & Technology

Our business is not about selling technology, but rather to help optimize what you currently have, or identify new technology that will modernize your operating model so you can lower costs while engaging customers on the voice/digital channel of their choice. Whether the need is agent optimization, self-service, including IVR, chatbots and web applications, intelligent call routing or predictive dialing, Inflight can help you optimize or build a technology platform that positions your business to deliver the most profitable customer experiences

Operational Optimization

Optimizing the contact center is an operational imperative. Strategies designed to optimize will create higher levels of efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience. For instance, by leveraging robust AI and self-service solutions you can make finding information and completing transactions easy for today’s customer who wants the ultimate in control and flexibility. These are real-world expectations customers have for brands that earn their loyalty. Another aspect of optimization is staff satisfaction and retention. The best equipped agents will perform at a consistently high level, giving all of themselves to create memorable customer experiences. Inflight can assess your operating model, identifying aspects that once executed (we can help with that too) will increase the productivity and overall effectiveness of your contact center. The end result for you is increased customer satisfaction and loyalty plus a more enjoyable work environment for your employees, increasing their own engagement and overall productivity. Covered areas include technology, people, process and data.

Analytics/Decision Support

Contact Center analytics is the compilation, and reporting of performance metrics or KPI’s (aka, key performance indicators) that inform effective decision-making aligned with the goals and objectives of your business. Tracking agent/enterprise KPI’s that matter most in a sales or service environment requires customization. The more common types of analytics include: handle time, call volume and arrival patterns, average speed to answer, service levels, file penetration, speed-to-lead, first contact resolution, speech analytics, self-service utilization, customer satisfaction and revenue per interaction. Naturally, this is not an all-inclusive list as many of the aforementioned metrics may not be required for your business model. Analytics are an operational imperative for all contact centers optimized to deliver the best possible results for the business it serves. Look to Inflight for assistance in packaging, designing and operationalizing KPI’s/metrics that can be leveraged to intuitively inform decisions that optimize the performance of your contact center, and agents across all interaction channels.



(Staffing Optimization & Allocation Resource)

A more cost-effective workforce management solution for small to mid-sized contact centers.


Setting strategy for your contact center begins with empowering your customers and contact center agents. Empowerment includes the right tools, technology, processes and a culture that encourages action that is in the best interest of the customer. Often times the contact center agent delivers the first impression for your business and through their actions are responsible for building your brand. This fact makes talent acquisition, development and retention critical aspects of any successfully run contact center and business. Hand-in-hand with quality talent and empowerment is meeting, if not exceeding, your customers’ needs on the channel of their choice. A sound modernization and digital strategy, including self-service, is an absolute for businesses that want to engage their customers and create brand loyalty. Should you need help setting strategy for your contact center, look to Inflight as a viable partner to help you pay off your mission and vision.

Voice of the Customer

A flourishing business requires the loyalty and trust of its customers. In most cases, businesses struggle more so with retention than acquisition, which is why listening to your customers is vitally important to the overall success of your business. Focusing on what customers share with your business directly or indirectly by way of public-facing reviews dovetails with many other forms of research. Survey tools such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) can be coupled with AI, Speech analytics and conversational intelligence solutions. The result for you is business intelligence that informs a continuously improving operating model. By way of VoC techniques, Inflight can help you reveal new opportunities that will lead you on a path towards creating consistently exceptional customer experiences.

Customized solutions aligned with the goals and objectives of your business.