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Whether it’s a big or small project, at Inflight our goal is to give you and your business great results. Reach out to connect with contact center experts who can help. We’ll listen, understand your needs, and share what we can do. And if you like what you hear, we’ll follow up with a FREE proposal. It’s that easy. We look forward to hearing from you.

Glenn Robbins


I enjoy discovering how technology can be leveraged to solve business problems. With over 1,000 hours (and counting) of specialized contact center technology training, I stand ready to help you and your business architect, implement and perfect scalable solutions that lower operating costs and enable sustainable growth. If you want more from your current technology or you need help exploring upgrades, I’m prepared to help.

Chris Eboli


I’ve always had a passion for operations and analytics. I believe in utilizing data to drive sustainable change through both continuous improvements and entrepreneurial efforts. Over the years my best results were derived from customized solutions. Let’s talk…and together we’ll identify new solutions to optimize the performance of your Contact Center.

Mark Slayton

Founder / Administrative Lead

I’ve had the good fortune of working in many industries. Over the years I’ve acquired an in-depth understanding of contact center operations and related technologies. Today, I enjoy helping my clients reduce operating costs and enable growth with proven sales methodologies and exceptional and empowering customer experiences. How can I and the Inflight team be of service to you?

Through the lens of the customer discover new ways to engage them on the channel of their choice.